četrtek, 11. april 2013

Long forgotten T-shirt...

I am a creative person! For sure. In my desire of creating I also learned to sew. About 4 or 5 years ago. And since then I love to sew. I have done some pretty nice stuf. For example:

And I am specially proud of those two pieces (actually three pieces). The first t-shirt was for my brother. It fits him very well and he loves to wear it. And the second dress I made for my boyfriends sister. Since she got her masseuse certificate she wanted me to make her first masseuse dress. There are the pictures:

But unfortunately I ran out of time sometimes and forget half sewed stuf somewhere deep in my closhet. And that's what happened with one lovely t-shirt. So I found it later, I finished it and since I don't feel like wearing it is ready for whoever wants it :)It's S/M size, lovely fabric with some cute details. Coment below if you like it <3

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  1. Oh, me veseli da ti je všeč :))
    Če bi jo želela imeti me lahko kontaktiraš na mail patricija.kastelic8@gmail.com